Breakfast in bed Hilma Shearling Brown Velvet

Breakfast in bed


Sunday mornings calls for breakfast in bed - and we are all for it!

An Inabo Breakfast, is not a breakfast if there is no croissant included. But finding a croissant that lives up to the french standards when you live outside of France is not always easy. However, we have found a way to bring France to us! The best easy-access and weirdly delicious croissants are found at Picard - the French chain store with frozen quality food. Yep, you read FROZEN. Try before you deny!

And do you know what the best part is? You can always have a dozen croissants in the freezer, ready to be eaten in 20 min. That's how long you need to put on coffee and fix the rest of the breakfast before you get back to bed.

A true life hack and the yummiest croissants outside of France! Try before you deny 😉


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