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All Inabo slippers are handmade and produced on our own developed lasts in Portugal, giving them a unique comfort, stability and longevity that will bring joy to your everyday life at home.

Most of our slippers are designed to be slim and elegant and are therefore small and narrow in sizes. However, as all Inabo slippers are made of natural materials that stretch over time they will become both wider and even softer after using them.

How should our slippers fit

A slipper from Inabo should always feel comfortable on your foot. If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up in order for your heel to land comfortably on the indent for the insole. The slippers can feel slightly tight the first time you use them, but they will likely fit perfectly after being worn a few times. This is recommended for the models Slowfer, Fritz, Slider, Hilma and Little Bite.

Our models Patio and Patty are on the other hand designed to be contemporary chunky, wide, and casual. If you are in between sizes, have a small or narrow foot we recommend that you size down. Patio and Patty have an open toe and a footbed with high edges around so your feet’s will sink down in the fluffy shearling and stay put as you walk. The edges also hinder the shoes from stretching and become wider. The upper part of the shoes is made of soft, padded suede that can feel slightly tight in the beginning but will become perfect after being worn.

Size Guide

But are you like us, eager to avoid returns we recommend you use our Size Guide here. We have measured the length and width of the inner soles of our slippers and recommend you compare these measurements to the inner sole of a similar shoe you own.

Or do you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line to


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