Father's Day Gifts 2023: Comfortable House Slippers for Every Dad

Father's Day Gifts 2023: Comfortable House Slippers for Every Dad


Discover the Best Father's Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

When it comes to being a dad, some things are universally true. Dad jokes, scrolling through news articles while muttering to oneself, and proudly wielding the grill-master title are just a few common traits. Yet, dads are also known for their kindness, supportiveness, and being the coolest people in the world. This year, why not spoil your dad with something exceptionally comfortable that he'll cherish for years to come?

Here are our top recommendations!

For the Dad Who Always Misplaces His Socks

Is your dad the type who can't seem to decide whether he's too hot or too cold, and socks are either on or off? We've got the perfect solution: Men's Patio, the ideal slipper that strikes the right balance between warmth and breathability. Patio features plush shearling for coziness and an open toe design for ventilation. With a sturdy rubber outsole, he can rule the grill and command the TV remote with ease. Available in Army green suede and Black suede, Patio pairs seamlessly with PJs, denim, or shorts.  

For the Dad Who's Always Impeccably Dressed

If your dad consistently exudes sophistication, even in his casual stay-at-home attire, consider the Men's Slowfer to elevate his fashion game. This indoor slipper takes inspiration from classic loafers but offers the comfort of a slipper. It effortlessly transitions between dressy and casual, depending on his mood. Whether he's lounging in PJs or hosting a dinner party in dressed pants, the Slowfer adds a touch of refinement.

Men's Slowfer Brown Suede

For the Dad Who Values Comfort Above All

Is your dad more inclined to enjoy a quiet evening at home with a glass of wine and timeless classics? Does he find padel and hiking overrated? If so, our super-comfortable shearling models are sure to win his heart. These slippers are designed for those who prioritize comfort at all times. Take a look at Men's Fritz Shearling in Black Suede, featuring luxurious and warming shearling. For more color options, explore our complete Shearling Collection.

Men's Fritz Shearling Black Suede

We hope you've discovered the perfect house slipper for your dad. Happy Father's Day! Here you can see all house shoes for men.


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