Care instructions

 Inabo slippers are made for indoor use, with a soft outsole especially chosen for soundless walking on floorboards. If you intend to wear your slippers outside, say to fetch the paper or bring out the trash, you might want to have a thin rubber sole applied by your local cobbler. This in order to prolong the life of your slippers.

Indoor shoes are not exposed to the same wear and tear as outdoor shoes, but here are some care suggestions nonetheless. You never know what might spill in the kitchen or when having drinks on the couch.

For our suede slippers we recommend that you use a suede brush for cleaning every once in a while, and for longer lasting glow and protection, you may apply a suede protector after cleaning.

Our leather slippers will last longer if you - with circular motions - apply a very thin layer of grease to them with a clean cloth. Finish off with a slightly damp cloth and polish from the toe and back for that perfect shine.

If you have any questions regarding care, our materials or anything else, please send us an e-mail at and we will be happy to help you.