Inabo was born from the simple lack of good alternatives. In 2018 when Inabo was founded, slippers had got itself a bad reputation after the market been dominated by plastic-made-slippers for years. The glory days for handmade leather slippers in the first half of the 20th century had faded away with big scale production, and left, was only a great memory of a beautiful craftsmanship and classic indoor shoes.

With Inabo we wanted to bring the craftsmanship of shoemaking back into the spotlight and create beautiful, handmade slippers of responsible, high-quality materials, that will bring comfort to your everyday life at home.

Inabo production 

Our slippers are handmade at a small, family-owned factory outside of Porto in Portugal. When you step inside it feels like the time has stopped. Styles have changed, but the production techniques remain the same. Each piece of leather is individually cut by hand and each slipper consist of more than 16 separate parts. Our leather soles alone are made from seven separate parts to make it elegant, soft, and super comfortable. As comfort is everything for a house slipper, we have incorporated a metal shank in the construction of the sole for better stability and minimizing tension load on the arch, calves, and knees as you walk and stand – something that is usually only used in high-end welted shoes.

All our materials are sourced from the finest tanneries and manufacturers in Italy and Spain. We put in a lot of effort to find supple, soft leathers and premium-quality shearlings to ensure our slippers are as comfortable as possible. All our leathers are LWG certified, signifying responsible management and production with the environment in mind.

Men's black leather slipper

As Inabo is born in Sweden, a country known for good style and borderline obsessive home decoration, the design is mainly inspired by contemporary art, mid-century design, and architecture. We want to create premium slippers that are stylish to match one’s carefully designed home and well-though-out outfit when hosting dinner parties with friends, yet comfortable when lounging on the couch. The result are premium slippers that will give some decadence to your everyday life.