Inabo is a slipper company born in Sweden, a country known for good style, borderline obsessive home decoration and for the tradition of always taking your shoes off when entering a home.

Founded by drop-out lawyer Ludvig Lindberg and pro-napper Sofia Jansson in 2018, Inabo comes with the aspiration to encourage people to slow down, stay in and to value me-time over screen-time. 

The vision is to create beautiful and comfortable indoor slippers, that are both playful and timeless. So you can wear your slippers with every outfit, on every couch, and to every occasion.

Embodying the spirit of Inabo's commitment to comfort and style, Mathilda Rudén joined the company as CEO in 2022. A self-proclaimed hostess queen who loves inviting friends over for dinners, often seen donning her favorite Inabo slippers while entertaining guests. 

Our house slippers don’t come in seasonal collections, but rather work for year-round lounging inside. Crafted by hand in Portugal with premium LWG certified materials from Spain and Italy, and designed so you can seamlessly transition from cozy loungewear on a quiet evening at home, to complementing your put together outfit during gatherings with friends or family.

The days of shuffling around in those not-so-fancy terrycloth slippers from that nice hotel you once stayed at are finally over. We suggest that you match your shoes with the art hanging on your walls and add some decadence to your everyday life.

To us, staying in is basically an art form. We encourage you to practice it as often as you can.

From one insider to another: put your feet up and do nothing once in a while.