Our message

Sweden, a cold and dark country, where people like their homes more than the outside world. A place where people are known for being well dressed and for having great taste. But where wearing shoes inside is a big no-no.

Born from the belief that your home is your castle, a private sanctuary where no one is your boss and where only you decide what to do and what to wear. Therefore, our indoor shoes are soft and comfortable enough for numerous hours of Netflix and chill, while still elegant enough to go with your smashing dinner outfit.

The time of shuffling around in those not-so-fancy terrycloth slippers from that nice hotel you once stayed at is finally over. If we get to choose, we suggest you start matching your shoes with the art hanging on your walls and add some decadence to your everyday life.

To us, staying in is basically an art form. We encourage you to practice it as often as you can. From one Insider to another: Put your feet up and do nothing once in a while.

Introducing Inabo. For insiders.