Women's Little Bite

Little Bite goes Cover Model


Little Bite has never looked as good as when she acted cover model on the new  Kinfolk Entrepreneur!

In the new issue by Nathan Williams and the Kinfolk team we get to visit creative entrepreneurs around the world who are making business personal. We get to read stories about visionary ideas taking root and ripen into careers, what it takes to pursue a passion, and how it is to experience disappointment and defeat, as well as professional success and how to balance quality of life. All those things that makes the entrepreneurship absolutely exiting and overwhelming at the same time. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we can relate to the feelings and experiences told by others. But one thing that has eased our journey is our mindset of enjoying down time and take a break once in a while. Working hard is crucial for success, but we believe that true quality of life also include spending time with family and friends, sleeping, and binge-watching series. So, when you arrive home after a day of work, slide into comfortable slippers and take a break! 



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