Men's dark brown leather slippers with yellow footbed.

Reimagine Dad Slippers with Inabo: Where Style Meets Uncompromized Comfort


The notion of "dad slippers" conjures images of worn-out, unfashionable footwear that often leans heavily on the side of orthopedic functionality. They're the epitome of practicality, but they leave style far behind. However, at Inabo, we offer a modern and luxurious solution that caters to the discerning tastes of fathers everywhere. 

The Inabo Difference

At Inabo, we redefine the concept of dad slippers. We prioritize both style and comfort, ensuring that you never have to choose one over the other. Our slippers are the epitome of slow fashion, designed to be timeless and versatile, allowing you to wear them year-round, with every outfit, on any sofa, and for any occasion.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Designed in Sweden and meticulously crafted by hand in Portugal, our slippers are a testament to European craftsmanship. We use LWG certified materials from Spain and Italy to ensure the longevity of our products and environment. Each pair is handmade at a small, family-owned factory near Porto, where skilled artisans meticulously cut and assemble more than 16 individual pieces to create a single slipper.

Unmatched Comfort

Comfort is paramount in any indoor shoe, and our slippers take it to the next level. We incorporate a metal shank into the sole's construction to provide better stability and reduce tension on the arch, calves, and knees. This level of detail is typically reserved for high-end welted shoes, highlighting our dedication to comfort and quality.

Experience Uncompromized Comfort and Style

So with Inabo slippers, you don't need to compromise between comfort and style. You can now elevate your dad's everyday attire at home to a well-dressed, sophisticated level. No more need to shy away from unexpected guests or casual neighborly chats when fetching the morning paper.

Inabo slippers are more than just footwear; they are a statement of refinement, offering the perfect blend of comfort and style. They are designed to be versatile, accompanying your dad through every moment of his day, whether he's reading a book by the fire or entertaining friends for dinner.

By gifting your dad a pair of Inabo slippers, you're not only giving him a comfortable and luxurious footwear option, but you're also enhancing his entire at-home experience. These slippers are the embodiment of timeless elegance, ensuring that he'll always look well-dressed and put-together, even in the comfort of his own home. But most of all, he will be warm and comfortable when wearing slippers from Inabo. 

Find the perfect Dad slipper among our different styles - choose between shearling clad soles, suede or leather, closed- or open toe slippers


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